Our degree programs offer preparation for lay/ordained ministry, vocations in nonprofit leadership, and doctoral studies in theology.

In most cases, a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is required for admission. A limited number of qualified applicants without Bachelor's degrees may be admitted to the MDiv Program in accordance with the standards of The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Degree Programs:
  • Doctor of Ministry - for religious professionals endeavoring to advance their practice of ministry.
  • Master of Divinity - designed for those seeking a vocation in ordained ministry or preparation for doctoral studies in religion.
  • Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership - a professional degree for those serving in ministry in a volunteer and/or paid position for three or more years and seek the opportunity to enhance their ministry gifts and pursue further theological education.
  • Certificate in Theological Studies - designed as a 1-year program for full-time students or as a 2-to-3-year program for part-time students. Bachelor's degree or equivalent is required for admission to the certificate program. Academic credits earned are transferable to one of our Master's degree program 9some restrictions apply).
Special Student Status
This is for (1) students at an ATS-accredited institution enrolled in a degree program who wish to supplement their studies with a course at Lancaster Seminary or (2) those who have a MDiv degree but need to take a course for academic credit to satisfy judicatory requirements for standing or ordination. Application is available here.

Master of Divinity Partnership with Saint Mary's Ecumenical Institute, Baltimore

Exclusive Bachelor Degree Completion Program with Elizabethtown College

Degree Program Resources: