DR. WILLIAM EVANS: "Mercersburg & The Reformation: Continuities, Discontinuities & Lessons to be Learned"

Younts Professor of Bible and Religion at Erskine College since 1993, Dr. Evans is the author of Imputation and Impartation: Union with Christ in American Reformed Theology (Paternoster, 2008). He recently edited The Incarnate Word: Selected Writings on Christology, the fourth volume in the Mercersburg Theology Study Series (Wipf & Stock, 2014).

DR. DOUGLAS OTTATI: "Grace Alone: the Anatomy of a Great & Potentially Subversive Protestant Idea"

Craig Family Distinguished Professor of Reformed Theology and Justice at Davidson College, Dr. Ottati's recent books include Theology for Liberal Presbyterians and Other Endangered Species, Reforming Protestantism: Christian Commitment in Today's World, and Hopeful Realism: Recovering the Poetry of Theology. He also is the co-general editor of the multivolume series The Library of Theological Ethics.

DR. MARCIA ROBINSON: "The Relevance of Protestantism for the Modern and Post-Modern West, Revisited"

Assistant Professor of Religion at Syracuse University, Dr. Robinson specializes in the history of Western Christian thought and culture with an emphasis on 19th Century Europe and America. She is author of the forthcoming book "The Noblest Types of Womanhood": Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and the White Anti-Slavery Women of Maine.