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July 18-22, 2016

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MORNING CLASSES  Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am - 12:15 pm

Spiritual But Still Religious: Experiencing God in the Reformed Heritage - Dr. Lee Barrett

Many critics caricature the Reformed heritage as being so churchy and doctrinal that it can offer nothing to satisfy the contemporary hunger for personal, heart-felt spirituality. Nothing could be further from the truth. We will explore the unique experiences of God's presence encouraged by this tradition, and the practices that foster them. We not only will examine Reformed spirituality, but also practice it. We will see how this heritage shapes the heart just as much as the head and the hands.

Finding Happiness in the Bible - Dr. Greg Carey

Televangelists tell us Jesus will make us happy, while psychologists and philosophers surfed the happiness research wave. This course explores the intersection of happiness research and biblical wisdom through a series of scriptural case studies.

Ritualizing Life - Dr. Stephanie Crumpton

This course explores the role of ritual in self care and communal healing.  The five-day course will walk students through an African-derived ritual acknowledging: tradition/family, joy, bitterness, balance, crisis, change, transformation, community power, and faith. This course will introduce a cultural perspective through the work of Malidoma Somé emphasizing ritual as the process where community and God meet for the purposes of transformation.  

AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (none on Wednesday) from 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Divine Play - Diane Brandt

Need a sabbath from your inner critique? How old were you when others handed you their opinion of your creativity? Perhaps you were seven years old when a parent, teacher, sibling or friend spotted one of your creations and you heard, "Wow, that’s good. You are very artistic!" Perhaps you heard otherwise. For most of us, those old negative comments stick and shape our desires. 

The spiritual practice of co-creating offers a way of moving beyond the limitations of our fear-based thinking and enters the spacious terrain of the heart. Healing and transformation are here, yearning to take root and grow… Come and play! Once again sit on the floor with crayons scattered about, and color for the sheer joy of it. Swirl the paint and allow yourself to ponder the yearnings of your heart. Discover the beauty of insight held in a lump of Play-Doh.  May this invitation speak to the longings of your heart.

Yoga and Spirit  - Chaplain Jennifer Biemiller

As with other spiritual practices, the purpose of yoga is to arrive to the present moment – to what is real. Across the centuries people have practiced yoga to prepare the mind and the body for meditation. This week we will engage in this ancient spiritual discipline to more fully integrate and quiet our mind-body-spirits to meet God, the Sacred, the Truth in the moment. We will learn yoga postures, flowing movements, and breath exercises taught through the lens of contemplative spirituality. Participants of all levels of yoga experience and physical ability are welcome. Please contact instructor Chaplain Jennifer Biemiller at regarding any special needs or questions about this workshop.

EVENING CLASSES  Monday through Friday, from 5:45 - 7:45 pm 

A Love Supreme: John Coltrane - Dr. Larry Covin

The Gospel According to John Coltrane. This course will explore the life and the music of John Coltrane, in particular, the landmark album A Love Supreme, and the emerging spirituality in his music Psalm, Pursuance, Acknowledgement, and Resolution. Special emphasis at the beginning of the course will be placed on studying A Love Supreme Poem written by John Coltrane. Biographer Ashley Kahn refers to A Love Supreme as a "spiritual manifesto." 

Sacred Conversation -  Dr. Marty Kuchma

We live in a world in which words fly freely, some passing us by, some warranting momentary notice, perhaps some sinking in a little deeper before being let go again. But when we tend to conversation, making time, setting a context, focusing our attention, we open ourselves to the possibility of really knowing our neighbor and even meeting God in a new way. This course will lift up conversation as a spiritual practice. It's not as simple as you think. But intentional conversation bears the promise of transforming our relationships, our ministries, and our lives.

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