International Cross-Cultural Seminar

The International Cross-Cultural Seminar is a two-week encounter in a Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, or Eastern European setting, intended to generate an appreciation of social, political, economic, and ecclesial otherness within MDiv students.


The Cross-Cultural Seminar begins the semester before the trip with preparatory meetings. After the trip there is a retreat for reflection, a debriefing, and a presentation to the Seminary community. The Seminary Dean selects the destinations.

Cross-Cultural Destinations
Mexico – 2018, 2015

Kenya – 2017

Haiti/Dominican Republic - 2016
Israel/Palestine – 2014, 2010
Egypt – 2013, 2009
Caribbean - 2012 
India – 2011, 2008, 2004
Thailand - 2011
South Africa -2008, 2002
Central America - 2007
Turkey & Lebanon - 2006
Ghana - 2005
Cuba - 2003




Students are required to expose themselves to and reflect upon social and economic otherness; national and cultural otherness; racial and ethnic otherness; ideological otherness; ecclesiastical otherness. Such experience and reflection include what otherness means personally and vocationally, and also for the church, its nature, vocation, and ministry.

The International Cross-Cultural Seminar is open to students at the 200-level of the MDiv program (after the 2nd year for those in the weekday program and after 3 years for weekend students). Travel expenses (hotel, meals, and transportation) are included in the MDiv tuition.

Exceptions and alternatives to the International Cross-Cultural Seminar can be found in the Student Handbook. Click here for the information