International Cross-Cultural Seminar

The International Cross-Cultural Seminar is a two-week encounter in a Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, or Eastern European setting, intended to generate an appreciation of social, political, economic, and ecclesial otherness within MDiv students.


The seminar includes meetings of preparation in the semester before the encounter, a retreat for reflection and debriefing in the semester after the encounter, and culminates in a presentation to the community. The destinations are selected by the Dean of the Seminary.

Cross-Cultural Destinations
Haiti/Dominican Republic - 2016

Mexico - 2015

Israel/Palestine – 2014, 2010
Egypt – 2013, 2009
Caribbean - 2012 
India – 2011, 2008, 2004
Thailand - 2011
South Africa -2008, 2002
Central America - 2007
Turkey & Lebanon - 2006
Ghana - 2005
Cuba - 2003



Students are required to expose themselves to and reflect upon social and economic otherness; national and cultural otherness; racial and ethnic otherness; ideological otherness; ecclesiastical otherness. Such experience and reflection include what otherness means for oneself personally and vocationally, and also for the church, its nature, vocation, and ministry.

The International Cross-Cultural Seminar typically takes place at the 200-level of the MDiv program. A cross-cultural fee of $3,500 is assessed to underwrite a portion of the costs incurred by the Seminary and should be considered part of a student’s educational expenses.

Exceptions and Alternatives to the Cross-Cultural Seminar can be found in the Student Handbook. Click here for the information