Master of Arts (Religion)

The Master of Arts (Religion) is a graduate degree for persons who, having completed a baccalaureate degree, seek advanced study in religion as an aid to their vocational, spiritual and intellectual development. Students who pursue the MA(R) may be discerning their vocational direction, and are eager to explore whatever "calling" they may have through a course of theological study.

Lancaster Seminary's MA(R) program seeks to

  • Provide religious insights and training, both practical and theoretical, for those wishing to pursue non-ordained, church-related occupations;
  • Prepare persons who want to undertake careers and roles informed by religious commitment and perspectives; and
  • Provide a means through which individuals may seek religious knowledge or probe questions of personal religious concern.

52 Credits Required for Graduation

Time to complete: 2 years at full-time status; longer if part-time

Master of Arts (Religion) program requirements

Application materials:

Application deadlines:

Fall semester: May 15; Completed applications received after May 15 will be considered up to June 1
Spring semester: November 15

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