Master of Divinity

For a vocation in ordained ministry or preparation for doctoral studies in Religion

The Lancaster Theological Seminary Master of Divinity program is an integrated program of study that provides a foundation for ordained ministry. In many denominations, completion of a Master of Divinity degree is a prerequisite for ordination. In the context of Lancaster Seminary’s Mission Statement, the Master of Divinity curriculum is a program of study, worship, practice and common life which requires personal and critical engagement with God, creation, society, others and self for the sake of the Gospel in the contemporary world. The well-rounded curriculum is designed with sensitivity to varied denominational requirements, and denominational history and polity courses are regularly made available.

Total Credits: 94

Time to Complete: 3 years if full-time, longer if part-time

Requirements for Graduation in the Master of Divinity Program:

  • Successful completion of 94 credits, including elective courses and a distribution of required core courses.
  • Successful completion of Ministry Seminars (MS101, MS106/107, and MS206/207).
  • Completion of Boundary Training Workshop (in conjunction with MS107).
  • Completion of the International Cross-Cultural Seminar (MS203).
  • Completion of Comprehensive Vocational Review [CVR] (in conjunction with MS207).
  • Completion of Anti-Racism Institute Workshop.
  • Supervised Field Education experiences in years 2 and 3.

Application materials:

Application for graduate and non-degree programs
Reference form for graduate and non-degree program (4 required)
Fee Schedule

Application deadlines:

Fall semester : June 1
Spring semester: November 15

For more information, contact Virginia at 717-290-8741 or