Greetings from the Lancaster Seminary Alumni/ae Council

Lancaster is a “holy” place; common spaces filled with common people, yet “set apart” for an uncommon and uncompromising purpose.

As alumni/ae, our journeys led us to Lancaster for 1,700 different reasons and one common fact - our love for Jesus and desire to serve this world as his disciples.

We are pastors and teachers, chaplains and counselors, administrators and missionaries, fulfilling God’s call to those in need.  We’ve come from 20 different faith expressions, crossing every boundary and barrier, that all may know Christ’s welcome and peace.

The road before us is “foggy.”  Our GPS is working, we know where we are and yet, our destination is unclear.  Lancaster is equipped with the resources to inspire, empower and enable our journey into and through the “fog.”

The continuing mission of Lancaster Seminary is strengthened by our consistent and faithful stewardship. The joyful sharing of our work, wisdom and worth on behalf of Lancaster reaffirms to those who’ve been and those to come, the essentialness of this “holy” place.

Please come home to Lancaster for our ongoing opportunities to grow your discipleship.  Consider serving among us on the Alumni/ae Council.  Make a financial gift.  Most importantly, invite others who love Jesus and desire to serve this world as his disciples to apply to Lancaster Seminary!



The Rev. Scott M. Sanders ‘82

Chair, Alumni/ae Council