Greetings from the Lancaster Seminary Alumni/ae Council

Within the hallowed walls of Lancaster we found lifelong friendships, new theologies and a world of thought opened up in new and exciting ways. Many of you would echo the fact that the faculty, staff and generous atmosphere of the seminary changed your life.

We are nearly 2,000 strong, serving churches, national church staffs, nonprofit organizations and community institutions alike. We are missionaries and teachers. We come from nearly 20 different denominations, and we cross racial, ethnic and gender barriers. We welcome one another with the peace of Christ, regardless of sexual orientation or theological differences. We take seriously the call to diverse discipleship.

The Seminary is a special place, charged with enthusiasm and energy, inquiry and spirituality. At a time when most theological institutions are tentative about their future, we are moving boldly on our journey towards the education of the future apostles within our midst. We don't move alone, but with the assistance of alumni/ae whose gifts of time, financial assistance, and talent underwrite our journey. Every gift is important and every gift is necessary to the work of educating lay and clergy. Won't you join us in making a difference in the lives of others just as those of the past made an impact on ours?

Please consider serving on Alumni/ae Council, assisting with Alumni/ae Worship and, most importantly, making a donation to Lancaster Theological Seminary. 

Current Alumni/ae Council Members and the Alumni/ae Council's Constitution