Alumni/ae Council

Alumni/ae Council Officers

President: Gene Gordon '07                       

Vice President:              to be elected May 13

Chair, Worship Committee:    to be elected May 13

Chair, Faithfulness in Ministry:  to be elected May 13

Chair, Continuing Education:  to be elected May 13


To Spring 2017

Jim Cavanaugh '07 (Unitarian Universalist)

Gene Gordon '07 (PCUSA/UCC)

Tony Fields '08 (Penn Central UCC)

Pat Spears '12 (MCC)

To Spring 2018

Ronnette Comfort-Butler '08 (Penn Central UCC)

Debora Gifford '01 (UCC, ELCA)*

Betsy Ivey '12 (Episcopal)*

Patrick Morris '92 (Pennsylvania Southeast UCC)

Shayna Watson '12 (Episcopal)

To Spring 2019

the newest roster will be elected May 13


*Serving second term

Staff:   Paul Eyer ‘06, Director of Alumni/ae & Church Relations   (717) 290-8705

rev. May 2016