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Alumni/ae Access to Lancaster Seminary eResources through Schaff Library

ATLAS for Alums is now joined by the Project MUSE Humanities Collection and Oxford Biblical Studies Online to comprise a suite of eResources now available to alumni and alumnae of LTS. Access to these e-resources is managed through your alumni/ae library account. Only alumni/ae with current accounts in good standing are eligible for access. Please visit the library or Ask the Librarian, if you would like to open a library account, renew your library account, or have questions about accessing your library account.

The ATLAS for Alums database allows you to search for journal articles by subject, author, title and even Scripture passages. It includes the ATLAS full-text collection of more than one hundred and forty major religion and theology journals selected by leading religion scholars, theologians, and clergy. For busy pastoral and lay ministers as well as biblical scholars, this is an indispensable and easy to use resource.

Here are some quick examples of how ATLAS can be used:

  1. For your sermon based on Matthew 5:43-47, go to the ATLAS Search Page under Scripture index, enter Matthew 5 You can click on any one and see the full text of the article. Note: Some journals are inconsistent in how Scripture passages are indexed so do the search again in the Subject index to see if you get more or different items.

  2. If you would like to keep up with the latest scholarship of LTS faculty, Greg Carey for example, type the name in the author line to get a list of articles he has written and reviews of his works.

  3. Your youth group is heading for Guatemala this summer and you would like to read current articles about the state of Christianity in that country. Type Guatemala on the subject line, limit your search by year (try 2014), and get a host of articles.