The Meck & Moss Awards

The Allan S. Meck & Robert V. Moss Awards for Faithfulness in Ministry

The Alumni/ae Council of Lancaster Theological Seminary awards these special honors annually at the Spring Alumni/ae Day.

The Meck Award honors the memory of Allan S. Meck ‘11, president of the Seminary from 1947-57. It is presented for distinguished service in the practice of pastoral ministry,

The Moss Award is named for Robert V. Moss, Jr. ‘45, president of the Seminary from 1957-69. It is presented for distinguished service in the practice of specialized ministry (e.g., chaplain, administrator, educator, judicatory staff, etc.). Recipients are Lancaster Seminary alumni/ae chosen by the Alumni/ae Council’s Faithfulness in Ministry Committee.

Open Nominations

Beginning with the 2012 awards, the Alumni/ae Council has opened the nominations to alumni/ae regardless of the focus of their ministry. From 1996 through 2011, a particular “theme” for the nominations was specified and the ministry of a nominee was expected to fit within that focus of ministry. We have now returned to the previous practice of open nominations for these awards recognizing faithfulness in ministry, regardless of field of endeavor.

General Criteria

The Faithfulness in Ministry Committee looks at specific criteria for indications of excellence in ministry, including:

  • Fostering the vitality of the ministry
  • Exhibiting excellent pastoral presence
  • Demonstrating creativity in ministry
  • Enlisting and nurturing the gifts of others
  • Relating the Gospel to the commonly-shared experiences in the ministry

Nominations must contain:

(1) the name and address of the nominee;

(2) the particular setting of ministry of the nominee;

(3) at least a sentence or two indicating how the nominee meets the five criteria listed above;

(4) an indication of how long the nominator has known the nominee and in what capacity;

(5) the name, address and contact information of the person submitting the nomination.

Deadline: Nomination forms must be postmarked no later than December 31 annually.

Nominations should be mailed to:

Chair, Faithfulness in Ministry Committee
c/o The Alumni/ae Office
Lancaster Theological Seminary
555 West James Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

The Selection Committee depends on you to pass this information to members of churches and agencies and institutions served by graduates of Lancaster Theological Seminary. You are encouraged to copy, post and distribute this notice to others who may be interested in making nominations.

For more information, contact the Alumni/ae Office at (717) 290-8705 or