Call for Entries

Annual Academic Commencement Prizes

Prizes will be presented at the annual end-of-year celebration and announced at the Commencement service.
Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (Religion) students are invited to submit entries to the Dean of the Seminary’s Administrative Assistant for Commencement Prizes.

Deadline to submit entries is March 10.

Prizes for which students may submit entries are as follows:

• Paper on American Church History (Albright Prize)
• Paper on church history (Schaff Prize)
• Written sermon
• Preached sermon that best embodies the principles of liberation theology (Berry Prize) [Submit manuscript and video (DVD) of preached sermon along with information on where and when it was preached.] 

• Unitarian Universalist Preaching Prize awarded to a Masters-level Unitarian Universalist student for a preached sermon that best embodies the values and principles of the Unitarian Universalist tradition.[Submit manuscript and video (DVD) of preached sermon along with information on where and when it was preached.]


Please submit only one entry per category. The following are eligible for consideration:
•    Papers/sermons submitted for consideration in the above categories that had been written for class assignments during the current academic year.
•    Original papers/sermons [not previously submitted for class assignments] in the above categories that students submit.
•    Papers/sermons in the above categories that faculty have already reviewed as assignments and nominate for consideration.


All papers/sermons should be typed on 8 1⁄2” x 11" paper, double spaced with 1" margins, and must be delivered to the Dean’s Office no later than March 10.  Papers sent via fax and/or email are not guaranteed to be evaluated and must be followed up by delivery of the actual product by the deadline.

The student’s name and the prize for which the paper is submitted must be clearly displayed on the first page of the submission. Each prize awarded carries a stipend. Prizes are awarded only when performance merits recognition and some prizes may not be awarded for a given year.

The Richard Hull Memorial Scholarship is to be awarded for the musical enrichment of the child (first priority) or spouse of a full-time candidate for a Master’s degree at Lancaster Theological Seminary. The application is to be completed and submitted by the child or spouse who would receive the scholarship.

Rev. 11/4/14