Register for Classes

Online Registration for 2015 Fall Semester is open between April 13 and April 27.

After April 27, register using the Late Registration Form (late fee applies).


Includes Summer II Intensives, Term One, Term Two (first five weeks), and Fall Term

Summer II Intensives - July 1 - August 31, 2015

(Specific days and times as noted on 2015 Fall Semester Course Schedule)

Term One Day Program: August 11 - October 16, 2015

Term One Weekend Program: August 7 - October 17, 2015

Term Two - first 5 weeks Day Program: October 27 - December 4, 2015

Term Two - first 5 weeks Weekend Program: October 30 - December 12, 2015

Fall Term: September 2 - December 15, 2015

2015 New MDiv Course Schedule  (printable copy)

2015 Current Course Schedule (printable copy)

Course Listing and Descriptions 

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  • Click on Change Year/Semester
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2015-2016 Academic Calendar

2014-2015 Student Handbook


Follow These Steps for Registration

1.  Advising Clearance: Students should schedule meetings with their advisors well in advance of the

registration deadline to review their records, their proposed registration and to be cleared to register for the 

next semester. The advisor must clear the student in SonisWeb in order to be able to register online. (See also 

Registration Holds below.)


2.  Financial Clearance: Be sure your Seminary account is clear, and that all forms, documents required by

Admissions, Field Education or the Registrar have been submitted as requested, and library resources are

returned when due. Your Seminary account must be up to date in order to register for the next semester.


3.  Registration Holds: Even if your advisor has cleared you for on-line registration, you may be placed on

Registration Hold for any of the following:

  • Outstanding balance on your Seminary account.
  • Outstanding documents or resources such as transcripts, clearances, references, library resources, etc.


4.  Registration Advisories: Read all REGISTRATION ADVISORIES (below) to be advised of any special

circumstances or differences in scheduling. (Registration for CPE, Directed Study, Cross Cultural, etc.)


5.  Register in SonisWeb: After you have completed steps 1 through 4, register through SonisWeb during the

published registration period. Your SonisWeb ID is your Seminary-assigned email address; your PIN was chosen 

by you. Late Registrations: After the deadline for online registration, complete the Late Registration Form, have it 

signed by your advisor, and submit it to the registrar; late registration fee will apply. 


6.  Textbooks: Textbook information is available during the registration preparation period. View and order

textbooks through the MBS Lancaster Seminary Bookstore.


7. Payment of Tuition and Fees: Full payment of tuition and fees is due no later than September 15, 2015 for the Fall. 

  • Upon registration, a pre-bill will show anticipated tuition and fees for the semester, but may not reflect discounts or pending scholarships and/or loans. Discounts (for 12 or more credits), scholarships and/or government loans will be applied after the deadline to drop classes without penalty.
  • Payment may be made from the pre-bill taking into account expected discounts, loans, scholarships.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute a course drop. It is the student's responsibilty to make registration modifications within the given deadlines, submit the appropriate paperwork to the registrar, and communicate with the professors as needed. Students who fail to attend a course will owe tuition per the pro-rated drop schedule printed in the Student Handbook.
  • Statements of student accounts will not be mailed. Students are responsible for reviewing their monthly statements in their SonisWeb accounts and making payments by the due date.
  • Defer Tuition Payment Request: Degree-seeking students may request to pay tuition only in three installments during a semester by submitting to the Business Office a Defer Tuition Payment Request form no later than the payment due date for the semester.