Student Charges & Fees

Enrollment Fee, upon admission, non-refundable, applied to tuition$ 100
Student Activity Fee - per semester$ 25
Technology Fee - per semester$ 140
Cross-Cultural For MDiv (teach-out only, billed as registered) NOTE: Cross-Cultural is included with the flat rate MDiv Day & Weekend Programs$ 4,500
/MAML Project Supervisor Fee$ 150
Graduation Fee (when applicable)$ 150

Deferred Payment Plan Fee$ 50
Outstanding Balance Fee (per month)2%
Returned Check Fee for Insufficient Funds (NSF)$ 25
Late Registration Fee$ 50
Change of Registration Fee (Drop / Add)$ 25
Course Evaluation Override Fee$ 25
Directed Study Fee$ 100
Request for Extension of Course Work Fee$ 25
Change of Master's Degree Fee$ 25
Transcript Release Fee (registered students get 1 free per semester)$ 10
Replace Lost Keys or Keys Not Returned (per key)$ 10
Overdue Non-Reserve Library Item (per item, per day - see Library Staff for full policy)25-cents
Overdue Course Reserve Materials (per item, per hour - see Library Staff for full policy)$1.00
Parking Violation Fee - Out of Designated Permit Zone$10
Parking Violation Fee - Not Registered /or/ Handicapped Zone without pass$30
Parking Violation Fee - Fire Lane$40
Additional Loan Disbursement Check Fee (takes effect after 2 checks issued)$5

Washer/dryer use residence halls, per load$ 1.25
Locker rental - small$10 deposit/$5 per week/$10 per month/$25 per semester
Locker rental - large$10 deposit/$10 per week/$20 per month/$50 per semester
Color Photocopies (Business Office - per page)$1.00
Send/Receive Fax (Business Office - per page)$1.00