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Mornings On Orange Street Program Director, Lancaster, PA

The MOOS Program of Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster and Covenant United Methodist Church is seeking a program director.


  • Be a positive role model, portraying Christ-like actions
  • Be respectful of students and volunteers and all whom you come in contact with
  • Be creative - make it a fun and enriching experience/environment for the students
  • Be able to adapt to changes
  • Be professional in how you handle yourself in all situations
  • Be safe - put the students and their well-being first and foremost 


1. Plan, Coordinate, and Lead Program

  • Develop and oversee program content
  • Plan activities and make activity calendars 2 or 3 months in advance to disburse to all volunteers
  • Purchase supplies and prep projects ahead of time
  • Oversee approved program budget and record expenditures as needed
  • Enlist volunteers from both congregations and from other appropriate organizations
  • Coordinate volunteer schedule and keep clearances and contact information up-to-date (clearances up-to-date every 3 years)
  • Train volunteers annually so they know their responsibilities
  • Maintain leadership within program by enforcing MOOS rules and expectations
  • Utilize incentive charts (both individual and group charts)
  • Abide by the 3 strike policy
  • Track attendance monthly and form waitlist as needed

2. Communication

  • Oversee regular communication with parents, including but not limited to registrations, invitations to special events, and updates on student behaviors and/or attendance
  • Maintain contact with school administration at Fulton Elementary School (community school director) as needed
  • Utilize community school director for referrals to add to the roster and/or waitlist
  • Work with community school director to send home applications at the beginning and end of each school year to generate MOOS roster
  • Communicate with appropriate staff and/or committees from both congregations about any needs that should arise, for example: CMCL church office, Facilities Committee, and Children and Youth Director and/or Covenant UMC Staff Parish Relations Committee and CMCL Church Council

3. Outreach

  • Speak at both congregations once a year
  • Create and distribute MOOS Newsletters twice a year
  • Maintain MOOS Facebook page by keeping content current
  • Keep the school and local community aware of MOOS and the service it provides

4. Accountability

  • Prepare and report to the Board at the regularly scheduled meetings
  • Evaluation will occur yearly at the conclusion of the program or more frequently as deemed appropriate.  Persons designated by the MOOS Board will participate in the evaluation.  The evaluation will be documented and filed at CMCL office
  • Director will give 30 day notice if preparing to leave the Program
  • Board will give Director 30 day notice if termination is necessary.


Salary Hours: 6:15 - 8:15 a.m. Monday - Friday plus 2 hours/week for prep work/planning

Total Salaried Hours per Week: 12 hours

Contact Amber Rieger: thomaar05@gmail.com