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Spiritual Life Seminary Summer Intern or Pastoral/Certified Christian Educator/MACE

This summer position is open to seminary students and seasoned pastors who are seeking an intensive learning experience in intergenerational, youth and young adult ministries. It is meant to be vocationally informative to persons either commencing professional ministry or at a transition point as one looks toward future ministry contexts in college/university chaplaincy, new church planting, outdoor ministries and/or contemporary congregations seeking to develop an intergenerational approach to ministry. This seasonal position will be part of the newly formed Ghost Ranch Spiritual Life Services department, which includes Spiritual Companions, Spiritual Directors, and two Chaplains to whom she/he will report. She/he will provide a spiritual presence, pastoral leadership, and care, for families, youth, and young adults, during ten summer weeks at Ghost Ranch, and provide theological grounding and spiritual praxis for them and their leadership teams, while gaining on-the-ground experience in building Christian spiritual community within these demographics.



  • Seminarian, Mdiv, MACE or CCE.
  • Collaborative:  Works together in an inclusive community, invites input, shares ideas and seeks the best ways to accomplish common goals.
  • Accountable:  Takes responsibility for actions and works with integrity, transparency and love.
  • Responsive:  Responds to the voices and needs of other participants by being timely, helpful, enthusiastic and mission-centered.
  • Excellent:  Works with energy, intelligence, imagination and love.
  • Cultural Proficiency:  Understands and values differences in various cultures within groups, adapts to cultural diversity and creates opportunities for participants to learn about one another.
  • Life / Work Balance:  Recognizes the importance of rest and renewal and maintains an appropriate balance between work life and personal life by adapting to changing needs at work, taking time to pursue personal interests, seeking others' help and discernment when needed and responding appropriately when they are overcommitted or when faced with stressful or dynamic situations.


  • Public speaking, listening, typing, possibly working on a computer, extensive walking throughout day over uneven terrain.  Climbs steps.  Works various hours day /evening (expectation not to exceed 40 hrs per week). Will be exposed to various outside temperatures and weather conditions. May lift or stoop periodically.

Additional Competencies

  • Understanding and respectful of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), a progressive Christian denomination welcoming to all. 
  • Ability to maintain high confidentiality standards, especially in sensitive interactions, and in communications with internal and external audiences.
  • Must be highly professional in demeanor and appearance at all times.
  • Must have strong verbal, written, listening, analytical, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills.
  • Employees are held accountable for all duties of the job and other duties as assigned. Employees are required to successfully pass a background check.


  • Serve as the Spiritual Life Services representative to and full member of these planning and delivery teams throughout the summer, and be available for several conference call planning sessions prior to arrival:
  1. The college staff coordinating team
  2. Summer staff coordinating team
  3. Youth program coordinating team, especially the team designing and delivering adolescent programming
  4. Youth Service Corps coordinating team
  5. Family Week coordinating Team
  6. The Ranch Spiritual Life Services Team
  • Within each of the above teams, serve as a spiritual formation resource to other staff, and provide discussion and other programming modules to weekly schedules.
  • Live in community with the college staff and summer staff, in rustic housing with communal bathrooms, participate in retreats and off-Ranch excursions, while becoming immersed in the culture, worldview and ethos of young adults in community.   
  • Equip, empower, and lead creative, experiential, and/or contemplative worshipful expression as appropriate to each youth/young adult group.
  • Provide leadership in special worship services: College Staff Commitment Service, Summer Solstice, etc).
  • Provide devotional/ Servant Leadership to Youth Service Corp groups throughout the summer
  • Part of Welcoming Team on Check-In days
  • Work collaboratively with the Spiritual Life Services staff to meet the needs of these groups, and when available and interested participate in the leadership of worship and spiritual practices for the whole Ghost Ranch community – other adult guests, visitors and staff.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain positive and enthusiastic attitude about Ghost Ranch and maintain a positive working relationship with the staff of Ghost Ranch; Follow the sustainability practices, budgeting and financial oversight practices, personnel and other policies of Ghost Ranch; and
  • be an involved participant of the Spiritual Life Services of Ghost Ranch.


Position runs from May 29, 2018 to August 6, 2018.


To request an application or for more information contact:

Kim Kelly

Ghost Ranch, Human Resources Director

(505) 685-1003 or Email: kimk@ghostranch.org




Don and Brenda Grauer

Ghost Ranch, Chaplains

(505) 685-1000, extensions 4752 or 4750 or email donaldg@ghostranch.org or brendag@ghostranch.org


GHOST RANCH is an interfaith education and retreat center of the Presbyterian Church, (USA).  It is located in northern New Mexico in a high desert landscape that has been deemed sacred by many peoples for over nine millennia.   The Ranch mission is to enrich lives, with values that reflect Spiritual Yearning and Development, Caring and Hospitality, Curiosity, Creativity and Family.  Persons come to Ghost Ranch from across the country and around the world to be inspired by its beauty, challenged by the courses of study offered, to learn, relax, enjoy and find purpose in all the ways they seek discovery and transformation in their lives.  The Ranch is open year-round, with the peak season from May through August.