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UMMBC Senior Pastor - Winston-Salem NC

United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church is seeking candidates for Senior Pastor. The 125-year-old church is in an urban setting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is predominately African-American with a current membership of approximately 1,000.


The ideal candidate should have a minimum educational level of a master’s degree from an accredited divinity school and at least five years of prior pastoral or professional ministry experience.  

The candidate for Senior Pastor should exemplify the following Biblically summarized qualities required of pastoral leaders as described in I Timothy, Chapter 3 and Titus, Chapter 1:

1. Personal character above reproach from inside and outside the church
2. Thoughtful, dignified and self-controlled
3. Not a new believer
4. Not a substance abuser
5. Not violent, quick tempered, quarrelsome, arrogant or overbearing
6. Not a lover of money or a pursuer of dishonest gain
7. Gentleness in dealing with others
8. Upright and holy in life before God
9. Loves what is good
10. If married, holds to faithful monogamy
11. Hospitable
12. An apt teacher who has matured in knowledge of the faith, holds firm to sound doctrine and can impart it to others, and can refute those who oppose it



The prospective Senior Pastor will have many important responsibilities; however, emphasis should be placed on the following:
1. A gifted teacher who enables persons to learn and understand deep spiritual truths;
2. A person with personal vision and a well-developed vision for the future of the church;
3. An effective communicator of well-prepared sermons, Bible study, and prayer;
4. A skilled counselor available to assist persons with personal and spiritual problems;
5. A community volunteer who cooperates in community and interdenominational activities;
6. A visitor of the sick, shut-in, and prospective members.


The position will remain open until filled.


Résumés should be submitted via email to search@unitedmetropolitan.org or via mail to:
United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church
Attn:  Senior Pastor Search Committee
P O Box 11668
Winston-Salem NC 27116

Upon receipt of your résumé, more detailed information may be requested as needed.