Mary B. and Henry P. Stager Chair in Theology, and Professor of Systematic Theology



Adjunct Instructor: Society and Religion






Adjunct Instructor: Spirituality






Adjunct Instructor: Hebrew Language







Professor of New Testament








Jacquie Church Young
Director of Leadership Now: Spiritual Formation with Youth
Adjunct Instructor: Youth and Young Adult Ministries





Adjunct Instructor: Preaching
Adjunct Instructor: Church History
Director of Continuing Education
Adjunct Instructor: Philosophy and Social Ethics
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Adjunct Instructor: UCC Polity
Adjunct Instructor: Global Theology

 Adjunct Instructor: Ministry of Chaplaincy





Adjunct Instructor: Greek




Adjunct Instructor: Pastoral Theology







Adjunct Instructor of Methods for Theological Writing

Barbara Kershner-Daniel
Adjunct Instructor: Church Administration, Stewardship & Evangelism
Adjunct Instructor: Pastoral Leadership







Adjunct Instructor: Methodist Studies






Adjunct Instructor: Preaching








 Adjunct Instructor of Digital Literacy





Adjunct Instructor: Old Testament







 Adjunct Instructor of Practical Theology






Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Seminary, Director of Ministerial Formation
Associate Professor of Practical Theology







Adjunct Instructor: Pastoral Leadership




Adjunct Instructor: Pastoral Leadership








Adjunct Instructor: Preaching







Paul and Grace L. Stern Chair in Old Testament
Studies Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament







Adjunct Instructor of Jewish Studies







Adjunct Instructor of Self, Identity, and Conflict





Adjunct Instructor: Worship and Preaching





Adjunct Instructor: Pastoral Leadership






Associate Professor of Educational Ministries








Director of Presbyterian Studies & Community Engagement Liaison








Adjunct Instructor of Offering Spiritual Guidance
Ministerial Guide
Ministerial Formation Coordinator





Timothy Seidel

Adjunct Instructor of Cross-Cultural     







                                          Snapp-Barrett, Betty
                                          Adjunct Instructor: Spirituality and the Arts and Pastoral Theology
Coordinator of Field Education
Advisor for Global Theological Education
Professor of Practice
Seminary Librarian
Assistant Professor of Theological Bibliography
Paul and Minnie Diefenderfer Professor of Mercersburg Ecumenical Theology and Church History

Adjunct Instructor of Church in Society

Adjunct Instructor of Receiving Spiritual Guidance, Shalem Intensive I and II
Director of the Spiritual Guidance Program at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation







                                             Michael Wilson
                                             Adjunct Instructor: Presbyterian Polity

Adjunct Instructor: Theology





Adjunct Instructor: Intergenerational Ministry