Larry Covin

Director of Continuing Education 

Adjunct Instructor: Philosophy and Social Ethics

BS., Criminal Justice, Albany State University, 1986

MDiv, Christian Education, Interdonminational Theological Center, 1991

DMin, Corrections Ethics, Lancaster Theological Seminary, 2012

Post Graduate Studies, Boston University, Howard University, 1992-1995




Dr. Larry Covin, Jr., received the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Albany State University in 1986.  He also received a commission as a Second Lieutenant and served on active duty in the United States Army. During his military career he became a United States Army Paratrooper having trained with Delta Force Special Forces. He earned a Master’s degree in Parochial Education from the ITC of Atlanta University.  Dr. Covin earned a doctorate in Applied Ethics from The Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. He is a published writer in the discipline of Corrections Ethics. His doctoral dissertation is published by ProQuest and is entitled, “The Constructing of a Contemporary Corrections Ethic in the Tradition of Social Contract Theory: An Extrapolation from the Work of Political Philosopher John Rawls.”  Dr. Covin is also published in the October 2012 issue of The Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, University of North Carolina-Charlotte,  under the article heading, “Homelessness, Poverty, and Incarceration: The Criminalization of Despair.” Dr. Covin's work is presently used by the United States Justice Department; on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website. 

Dr. Covin served as a Director in the Programs and Services Department, for the State of Maryland’s Division of Pretrial Detention and Services for fifteen years.  For two years he served as the Director of Inmate Treatment Services for Adams County Adult Correctional Complex, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Dr. Covin teaches Ethics at The University of Baltimore, the Lancaster Theological Seminary and Howard Community College, and has taught at Morgan State University, in the discipline of philosophy, ethics, and religion. He is the founder of LDC Ethics Consulting. Dr. Covin is an instructor for the Maryland Certified Public Manager Program, through the Schaefer Center for Public Policy, where he teaches Public Sector Ethics. Presently, Doctor Covin is the Director of Continuing Education at The Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Dr. Larry Covin is married to Gloria Freeman-Covin.  Their three sons are graduates of TCU (Texas Christian University).