Dean Mellott Offers 3 Encouragements Post-Election

Posted: Nov 11, 2016

I image that we - and history - will look back on this moment in time as being significant. It may be because of the election results. But more likely it will be because we came face to face once again with the truth of our brokenness as a nation. I’m not talking about our election process. I am talking about our ability or inability to be in right relationship with one another, to know what it means to love each other, and to seek the flourishing of every person. 

No matter whom you voted for or how you feel about the election results, there is no denying that there is much at stake in our personal lives and in our common life. There always has been. With that in mind, I offer three encouragements:

First: Be kind and gracious to yourselves and to each other. Our thoughts and feelings about what is happening are significant and are bound to impact every daily interaction. It may take some of us some time to process what we are thinking and feeling. Let us give one another space to process what we are feeling and thinking and our deepest hopes.

Second: Regardless of any election result, the call of those who identify as Christian remains the same: to heal the brokenhearted, to feed the hungry, to shelter the alien, to protect the vulnerable and the oppressed, to join God in bringing the God’s reign to birth.  We fulfill that call too when we join people of all religious heritages to support the flourishing of creation and every people of the earth.

Third: We shouldn’t be surprised when the gospel is met with backlash. We know better. Our work, our calling may be harder now, but it remains the same. In fact, it is as important now as ever to live into that call. Our nation is desperate for people, communities, and institutions of faith that support the flourishing of every human being.

God, we need you. Grant us vision. Grant us courage. Grant us grace. Be with us now.

-- David M. Mellott, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Lancaster Theological Seminary