Emerson Powery to Deliver 192nd Commencement Address

Posted: Apr 03, 2017

New Testament scholar Emerson B. Powery, Ph.D., will deliver Lancaster Seminary's commencement address, “Will Generosity Have A Future?” on Sat., May 20, 2017. Dr. Powery is Professor of Biblical Studies at Messiah College and coordinator of Messiah’s Ethnic & Area Studies. He also is adjunct instructor in Biblical Studies at Lancaster Theological Seminary and associate director of the Clergy Leadership Program of Central Pennsylvania.

A prolific writer and editor, Dr. Powery is co-author of The Genesis of Liberation: Biblical Interpretation in the Antebellum Narratives of the Enslaved (Westminster John Knox Press, 2016), which engages the function of the Bible in the 19th-century “slave narrative” tradition and includes the narratives of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs.

He co-chairs the “Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom” section of the Society of Biblical Literature, where he has served as a regional president. He has been a member of the editorial boards of the Common English Bible and the Journal of Biblical Literature.

Commencement day will begin at 8 a.m. with a Baccalaureate Worship Service in Santee Chapel on the Seminary campus at the corner of West James Street and College Avenue. The Commencement Service will be held at 11:00 a.m. at Church of the Apostles United Church of Christ, 1850 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster.

With a current enrollment of 110 graduate students, on May 20 the Seminary expects to award 20 Master of Divinity degrees, five Doctor of Ministry degrees, one Master of Arts in Religion and one Certificate in Youth & Young Adult Ministry.