Is that Really God Speaking? Prophecy in the Bible and Today

Posted: Aug 29, 2017

Dr. Julia M. O'Brien, Lancaster Seminary Professor of Old Testament / Hebrew Bible, in her address at our Fall 2017 Convocation, said, "How to discern whether that is really God speaking is not a new dilemma but one that has faced generations of faithful people. In various times and places in Christian and Jewish history, individuals have claimed to speak for God—to be prophets. But at no time have all these claims been accepted at face value. Communities of faith—as far back as we can trace—have always recognized the need for discernment of the truth of what prophets profess."

Dr. O'Brien, who holds the Paul H. and Grace L. Stern Chair in Old Testament Studies, reported on her recent research into the ways that Christian and Jewish communities have responded to prophets. Click here for her convocation address.