President Lytch Featured in Book about Women Trailblazers in Ministry

Posted: Nov 16, 2017

Lancaster Theological Seminary President Dr. Carol E. Lytch is featured in Faith of Our Mothers, Living Still, Princeton Seminary Women Redefining Ministry (Westminster John Knox Press, 2017).

The book, a 200-year overview of the ministry of women associated with Princeton Seminary, includes President Lytch's chapter "Seminary President: One Step at a Time." She received a Master of Divinity from Princeton.

In the book she describes attending seminary right after college "...because, ironically, I did not want to be a minister." President Lytch was inclined to missionary work at the time and had little interaction with women ministers, then a small minority. She didn't believe that women could be ministers. In a seminary class, a professor compared women who preach to "dogs who could stand on two legs." 

Undaunted, after receiving a prize in pastoral ministry, studying abroad, and serving as likely one of - if not the first married co-pastor of a United Presbyterian Church with her husband, Stephens Lytch - her path to congregational ministry looked set. She describes the trajectory from PhD to administrative leadership posts, all along being encouraged and buoyed by the support of colleagues. She underscores the need to stay in touch with colleagues "to reflect together and support one another..." In navigating a path that often seemed obscured by "fog,"

President Lytch writes that she relies on "God's daily provision and guidance when the way ahead is not clear. That is God's caling to me--to trust and hope in God as I lead a venerable institution that educates and nurtures leaders for God's ministry."