Spiritual dimensions of anti-racism work

Posted: Mar 22, 2016

Lancaster Seminary faculty will participate in "soul work," exploring the spiritual dimensions of anti-racism work in a retreat this spring funded in part by a grant from the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. The retreat continues the faculty's work over the last several years towards dismantling racism and privilege, and exemplifies the Seminary's longstanding commitment to racial justice.

According to Dr. David Mellott, Lancaster Seminary Dean, "Much of our recent work has focused on the needs of our students and best practices for anti-racism teaching. We now discern a need to address racism and privilege at a deeper, spiritual level. In this retreat, we will explore the dynamics of internalized racism and its implications for our teaching. Addressing the spiritual dimensions of our commitments will offer help, sustenance, and companionship for this ongoing, challenging journey."

Additional support for the retreat comes from a private donor.