Stephanie Crumpton: Election Aftermath Requires Return to Faith that Fights Oppression

Posted: Nov 16, 2016

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Crumpton, assistant professor of practical theology at Lancaster Theological Seminary, comments to NBCBLK that she believes some churches are prepared to address the issues of racism and exclusion in the aftermath of the presidential election.

"I think there are some congregations whose strong commitments to social justice keep them mindful of what is happening, and what could happen politically," she told NBCBLK via email. "For these congregations, I don't think this is something that they are not ready to engage."

As a seminary professor, she has spent much of her week holding space with her students, helping them regain their footing. At the same time, she has also been mindful to ground herself physically and psychologically.

"When I recall the religious identity of oppressed people, I think of the faith of the communities that raised me. This week I have found myself paying closer attention to the pictures of my ancestors in my home," she said. "I needed to access how they survived circumstances that were clearly more horrific than anything we face right now."

The reality that Trump is president and that white supremacy and exclusion is still prevalent may not be comparable to what her ancestors faced; but Crumpton admits that she is still scared, angry and afraid.

“For me it is not a faith that retreats or makes us cower before God and people with power. It is a return to faith practices that subvert systemic and structural oppression," Crumpton said.

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