Extraordinary Stories

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Rachel Farmer-McGill, MDiv 2018

This place is my sanctuary. I grew up poor in Lancaster City, and we were really POOR, I am still poor, for that matter, and generous donations have helped tremendously in my efforts to obtain my master’s of divinity. Here I’ve been able to expand my understanding of God’s providence for my life. I started out on the chaplaincy track but lately God has been leading me more and more toward church ministry. It is manifesting that my call is to stand with people, to help people know that God is with them, God knows them, God loves them. I have really learned here how to interpret the Bible for myself and for others, and to preach to the community that it is not enough to understand the Bible, we have to do it, live it, be it.

The election revealed to us the divide in the country that we hadn’t seen before and we need the fire of God’s love in us to ignite the change we need to break down the divisions that keep us from loving each other.

Katie Jackson, MDiv 2020

The diversity and the acceptance of differences here have greatly impacted me and my life - transformed me, really.

So much of ministry is not just about having a defined set of skills, it's about who we are.

I feel that the classes and the community are shaping me to be the person and the minister I am supposed to be.



Donté Jones, MDiv 2017
Lancaster Seminary has really prepared me for ministry. When I think of my time here, I think of three words: exposure, connection and synergy. This experience is all about opening ourselves, exposing us to other ideas, beliefs, cultures and ways of life to encourage deeper understanding. This helps us connect with others in profound, meaningful ways, and it becomes the catalyst for creating synergies from a theological perspective.

A large part of my learning here has been into the foundation and the histories of theology, discovering the ways people have wrestled with God, and united to fight for justice. I say to people, please support Lancaster Seminary because your future depends on it! Lancaster Seminary doesn’t just prepare people to be ministers, it prepares people to be leaders for tomorrow. It’s bigger work than just transforming the Church, it’s about transforming our communities, our nation and even the world.

David Fehr, MDiv 2019

It is so depressing that seminary students who want to help people are burdened with such heavy debt in order to pursue their call. I want to be a chaplain and sincerely want to help people.

I just graduated from college and so finding the money for seminary is a big deal for me.

It’s a real blessing to receive scholarship assistance. I am very grateful!


Susan Mull, MDiv 2018

Lancaster Seminary is getting me ready for my work in the world that is yearning for an end to the 'isms' that keep us apart.

This is an amazing place where diversity is honored and my work in social justice is fortified every day with classes taught by faculty who are incredibly talented and wise.