Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give to a student by sending a check payable to Lancaster Seminary?

Yes. You may designate a gift to a specific student with a check payable to "Lancaster Theological Seminary."  However, the amount is considered a gift to the student, not a charitable donation to the Seminary, so no tax deduction is allowed. However, giving to Lancaster Seminary's general scholarship fund or a specific endowed scholarship fund allows you to help fund students' education while being eligible to receive tax benefits.

What is the average cost for a student attending seminary?

It is difficult to give a specific dollar amount because it depends on the program and on the size of the student's family, type of housing, and incidental expenses. Tuition, living expenses and books may bring the total to approximately $40,000 annually.

What are the major streams of revenue supporting the seminary?

Approximately 30% of our revenue comes from tuition and housing, the remainder comes from charitable resources such as outright gifts, foundation grants, and income from endowment funds.

Why does Lancaster Seminary need my support?

Without the generosity of individuals, churches, and foundations, the Seminary would be unable to provide the quality experience that has been the hallmark of a Lancaster Seminary education for generations.

If you have additional questions or desire further information, please contact Carrie Call at (717) 290-8738 or (800) 393-0654 ext. 8738, or email your questions to

What is the purpose of the Annual Fund?

Gifts to the Annual Fund serve a myriad of needs including funding operating expenses for the school, and providing scholarships for students. Other areas served by Annual Fund gifts include:

  •  the development of new specializations;
  •  the life-changing cross-cultural journey for second-year MDiv students to places such as Thailand, India, and Israel / Palestine;
  •  the placement of students in field education sites where they confirm the call to leadership, develop pastoral skills, and deepen their pastoral identity.

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