Board of Trustees


Board Chair - Mr. Brian R. Bodager 

Board Vice Chair - Ms. Patricia Hopson-Shelton

Board Secretary - Rev. Dr. Monica Dawkins-Smith, '07/'16

Board Treasurer - Rev. Dr. Edward Davis


Mr. Samuel A. Brackeen, III
Rev. Kenneth Daniel
Mr. Kenneth E. Dearstyne, Jr.
Ms. Susan Garofola, Chair, Education & Student Life Committee
Mr. Jon M. Gruber, Esq.
Mr. Eric Hoerner, Chair, Business & Finance Committee and Investments Committee
Rev. Betsy S. Ivey
Dr. Francine G. McNairy-Nelson
Rev. Holly MillerShank
Dr. Emerson B. Powery
Ms. Carol T. Pyfer, Chair, Advancement Committee and Trustee Leadership Committee
Mr. Benjamin J. Rader, Esq., Chair, Bylaws Committee
Mr. Robert I. Rhoads, Jr., Chair, Personnel Subcommittee
Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel
Rev. Dr. Harry L. Serio, ‘66/‘92
Rev. Shayna J. Watson, ‘12


Ex-officio Representative for Alumni/ae Council: (to be named)                               

Ex-officio Representative for Faculty: Myka Kennedy Stephens, Seminary Librarian